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Offerings & Pricing

When you want to be held...

Distance Reiki Session

A healing modality in which energy is transferred from the palms of the practitioner to the client to support physical and emotional healing.  

60 Minute Session: $111

Akashic Records Reading

During these sessions, Ashley will tune in to the Akashic Records, which is the wisdom of your soul history and you will be able to ask questions to receive guidance for whatever you are moving through

60 Minute Session: $111

When you want to take the steps to dive deep...


Private, personalized hour-long sessions guiding you to work with your subconscious to make shifts in your life. Learn more here.

3 Sessions: $333

6 Sessions: $600

12 Sessions: $1,111

Spirit Baby Sessions 

Private, personalized sessions where I help guide you into the spirit baby realm through hypnosis for you to connect to your baby's soul. 

60 Minute Session: $122

Past Life Regression & Life Between Lives

Private, personalized sessions guiding you to experience a past life experience and visit the spirit world in order to gain clarity in your life.

3 Hour Session: $377

Dive even deeper... 

Mindful Inner Nesting

We will hold space for whatever you are currently working through. Processing verbally, with support from Reiki, oracle decks, the Akashic Records, and Astrolocartography. Think of these sessions as sitting down with your spiritual bestie using every tool at her disposal to help you feel heard and supported so you can feel good about where you are and any next steps you need to take in parenting or in life

120 Minute Session: $256


When you want to learn... 


A fusion of traditional childbirth education with self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques. Learn more here.

Group Zoom Classes: $400

Private Zoom Classes: $500

Private In-Person Classes: $700


A 2.5 hour-long class that teaches new mothers how to use hypnosis to support in their postpartum journey

Group classes: $75

Private classes: $150


Please contact me via email to schedule any sessions longer than 60 minutes.

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