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Family Reiki Circle

with Our Mindful Nest and Raising Little Advocates


New dates coming soon! 


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In this distant healing session we will incorporate a guided meditation, reiki, and a lullaby. All members of the family are invited to participate. 


Here's what you need to know before we get started:


1) SPACE - Set up a space either on the bed or the floor where you will be comfortable for 45 minutes. For each participating family member, grab your favorite blanket, pillow and fuzzy socks if you have some!


2) COMFORT - Wear your most comfortable clothes and have some water nearby.


3) INTERACTIVE MATERIALS -  When you sign up we will provide you with a coloring page for those who would like a creative outlet to help focus their mind and attention during the reiki session. Recommended for small children. Please print one sheet per participant before the session begins.


About Us

We both received our Reiki I and II certification through the studio Stay and Vibe in Los Angeles, California, run by founder Hae Lee. Hae is a Reiki Master who received her training from William Lee Rand, who traces his Reiki attunement to Dr. Mikao Usui.

In addition to her Reiki experience, Ashley is trained as a doula, hypnotherapist, HypnoBirthing® instructor, early childhood educator, and yoga teacher. She has been working with families and young children in this capacity for the past few years. 

Reva is a Bel Canto singer and brings her training into her Reiki practice through music and sound healing. She started her career as an attorney in public service, and her current Reiki practice blends her experience advocating for others with her training as a musician. She is also a mother to two young daughters.

We both maintain a consistent Reiki practice, see clients regularly for private sessions, and continue learning and growing all the time!


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy healing modality that originated in Japan. Roughly translated, Rei means Universal and Ki means Life Energy, or Universal Life Energy.

Most people experience Reiki as a special kind of spiritual consciousness. When we tune our conscious and subconscious mind into Reiki we find a path for self-healing.

An attuned Reiki practitioner can guide you in tapping into your innate healing ability and help you connect to your inner voice.

How does Reiki work from a distance?

Reiki is the energy of unconditional love. It exists everywhere and at all times.  Whether we do a Reiki session in person or at a distance we start with the assumption that time and space are not linear.

A Reiki practitioner channels Reiki energy for healing. Healing comes from your own interaction with Reiki. The practitioner steps out of the way to let Reiki shift your energy and bring you healing. 

Reiki promotes healing through all ages and stages of life. No matter how fresh or ancient your pain or grief may appear on the surface, Reiki works with you to send healing energy wherever you need it most. 

A distance Reiki session or in person session achieve the same goal: you will receive Reiki for healing in the way that is best for you in the moment.

How Do We Keep Kids Engaged/What If They Lose Focus?

If your child has a hard time sitting still don’t worry! 


Reiki has its own intelligence. As long as the recipient is open and accepts Reiki into their biofield they will receive healing energy during the session. So if your child is having a hard time sitting still, we encourage you to remain online and allow Reiki to shift the energy and send you healing however is best for you at that time.


In any self-care or wellness practice we aim to focus our minds and reduce distractions for the dual purpose of promoting self-healing and respecting our soul’s need for undivided attention. 


When we do Reiki with children it is important to respect their developmental needs for interaction and play. For the purpose of this program we have adapted our usual Reiki practice to encourage participants to lead with their senses, feel the Reiki energy in their body, and participate in the session interactively while respecting the group’s need for stillness and quietude. 


We will invite all participants to lay hands on their own bodies, mimicking the hand placements of the Practitioners as we hold the Reiki open. Each hand placement is approximately 1-2 minutes long. 


We have also provided a coloring sheet for those who would like a creative visual resource for following along with the Reiki placements. For those of you who choose to use the coloring sheet we will call out the hand placements and you will be invited to explore how the Reiki feels for you in your body through your visual and tactile senses on your paper. 


I’ve Heard Animals Can Receive Reiki...Can our Family Pet Participate? 

Yes, animals can receive Reiki. If your family pet is relaxed and enjoying a calm state of mind during the Reiki session we encourage you to allow them to participate. However, if you feel that inviting your family pet to join would be a distraction for yourself or your children, we recommend keeping it to just the humans :)


How Do I Know if it Worked?

We recommend taking time to reflect on how the session has influenced your state of mind, the energy of your home, and the way you interact with each other as a family over the course of 3 days. 


We will provide you with feedback by email after the session including journaling exercises you can work through as a family.

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